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The MASTER Award seeks to recognise the Highest Standard of UK Amateur Photography.
20 Prints are required and a total score of 450 or more will gain the award. The top score for an image is 30 points
The Adjudicators are looking for a very high standard of photography, photographs which, in their opinion would enjoy a considerable level of success in International Exhibitions including consistent and frequent acceptances.
The scoring is based on 6 judges scoring between 2 and 5 points per image. Adjudicators are looking for a standard that has a high probability of being accepted into Exhibitions and could win an occasional award. This merits a vote YES recorded as 4
If they consider an image does not have a high probability of constantly being accepted in Open Exhibitions it merits a NO vote shown as 2. A Near Miss of the standard is considered as a 3
A probable Award Winner being well above the standard required and considered to more often than not receive awards is recorded as a 5

MPAGB Awarded 22 April 2018
MPAGB 2018To Wish Upon a Star (25)The Ride To Valhalla (29)Sekhemet Fire Goddess (25)Epona, the Swan White (26)Shapash Solar Goddess (23)The Morrigan (25)Morghanna (30)Ladies send out a May Day (25)Athena (24)Eowyn Surf Rider (26)Goddess Morrigan (26)Lady of Magick (24)Fallen Angel (23)Black Pearl (28)Beauty & Dereliction (25)Ride of the Valkyrie (24)Ladies That Lounge (30)Emotive Metamorphosis (27)The Black Raven (28)